Reach thousands of homes for pennies per household

Your Message… Delivered

Finest Magazine

Are you looking to get your marketing message in front of 160000 families? Our Finest Magazine is a full colour glossy magazine that is sent to every home in Kingston, Belleville, Brockville, and surrounding areas several times a year. Whether you’re looking to build your brand image, capitalize on a seasonal campaign, or expand into new locations, we help you get your message to the right people.

How do we know it works?

  • Over 91% of the Finest Values customers are repeat customers.
  • The Finest Magazine consistently stays on the coffee table until the next issue comes out.
  • Reduces your marketing costs to less than a penny per household.

Kingstons Finest

Delivered to 60,000 homes 8x per year.

Brockville's Finest

Delivered to 40,000 homes 5x per year.

Quinte's Finest

Delivered to 60,000 homes 6x per year.

Post Cards

Targeting your ideal customer is difficult, but with postcards, you can take your message to the right people. We first craft your message, print, and then deliver it in a quick and efficient way.

The best part is the value. Our buying power allows you to reduce your costs significantly. Full colour print jobs delivered for less than 22 cents per household when standard shipping from Canada Post is at 16 cents per piece. That’s value.


Precision control over your timing

Geo-location services put your message in front of the right people

Precision demographics to further focus your message